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The mission of the Career Guidance and Counseling program is to enable all students, regardless of individual differences, to acquire the self- knowledge, educational, occupational and career development skills necessary to be effective students, responsible citizens, productive workers, and lifelong learners.

Some of the skills students will learn are the following:

Self- knowledge of self and others  

Personal responsibilities

Relationships with others    

Communication  and problem solving skills

Importance of developing good work habits

The relationship between school work and future jobs  

Decision making skills

Awareness of different occupations

We will use a variety of resources in our career development program such as:       

Career Trek – Curriculum designed to teach elementary students about the world of work

Interactive web sites for kids

Books about careers    


Presentations from a variety of professionals in the community

Interviews of professionals

If you would like more information about our career development program, please contact Maria Enoch 
at (979)843-4330 at Blessing Elementary and (979) 843-4340 at Markham Elementary or schedule an 
appointment for a conference. I would be glad to hear from you.

Parents play a key role in helping their children with career development by helping them succeed in school as well as by helping them discover the world of work. Parents can help children by talking about family jobs as well as help them become aware of different jobs in the community. There are also many children’s books abut careers that parents can read to their children. As part of the career development program, we encourage parents to become involved.  To learn more about the role of parents in career development, please visit some of the web sites listed below. 

Your Child's CareerGives some great information on helping your child plan for future careers.
Bureau of Labor StatisticsLists different occupations and qualifications needed for each job.
It also includes some short inventories on values of and interests.
Career ViewOffers some excellent suggestions on how to help your child with becoming
aware of the world of work.

Fun Web sites For Students to Learn About Careers

Career ZoneStudents can learn about their skills as well as explore different careers which
are provided in clusters.
Kids and Careers in Human ServicesInformation on a variety of careers in the human sciences. It is geared for
ages 9-12.
Kids WorkStudents can explore jobs in a theatre, hospital, and TV station by taking
a virtual tour of the workplace.
NASA Career ExpoExplores different careers in earth science.
NIEHS Kids' PagesLearn about science careers such as microbiologist, wetland ecologist, and biologist.
OceanLink:  All about the OceanExplores careers in marine science.  It provides a variety of interviews as
well as other career links.
The Fun WorksProvides fun interactive material in which students can explore careers
depending on the results of a quiz about interests, or can just explore a variety
of different careers. These careers are grouped in clusters. It also includes
games and music.
Virginia Career ViewStudents to discover their interests, talents, and skills through the All about You activities as well as using The Kid Search.  Students can also explore different careers in Career Town and Let’s Learn about Jobs. Students can even print the activities.
Weather Wiz KidsLearn all about weather.  It also gives a link on becoming a meteorologist.




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